Being comfortable in our weaknesses

Respect bro!


What is weakness?

It is inadequacy.
It is vulnerability.
It is something that we are unable to do well in.
It is being human.

Many times we would beat ourselves up for not performing well…enough.
It would be the thing that keeps us awake at night thinking about how bad the weakness is…
“Why did I…”
“Why can’t I…”
“If only…”
Because knowing or acknowledging that we are weak is a painful feeling.
And to avoid all these, sometimes we hide…
…behind busyness
…behind a group of friends
…behind our computers
…behind a mask.

By hiding we feel safe…
we feel protected…
we feel that we are perfect for the moment…
Or at least we don’t have to face the monster within…now.

Why am i writing about all these?
Because for years I tried to be the perfect person. The ideal Singaporean son.

Good grades…

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Building something that goes beyond ourselves. Making a difference in our world.

Now Playing

Surrender all, surrender all
I’m dead to sin, alive within
Surrender all, surrender all

Lead me to victory

Here Is Love

The Cross I see
That rugged tree
Tells of Grace and Mercy
Redemption’s blood all over me
Living in Your beauty

Always love worshipping with this song.. 🙂
Thank you for redeeming me Lord

This weekend marks the end of the 5-part Oops series!

Faith in God, love for each other
Loved people, love people
Forgiven people, forgive people

Learned so much from this entire series, but still so much more to digest and think about!

Thankful to SPs for working hard, making sure that we understand God’s heart a little better

Later in the night, we spontaneously decided to go to ION Sky as a CG.
Upon our arrival, we discovered that it closes at 8pm; much to our disappointment.

As a result, we went to OC Skypark instead haha

IMG_2015-04-19 02:29:56


The climb up was crazy haha. 13 floors worth of stairs (Escalator)

Feeling pretty tired tonight. Can’t think of much to say hahaha

Last words:
Love living life with them

Make room for the Potter

Currently chilling and doing work at November 8 cafe with Bob and Choongz.

Our first attempt at being hipsters. 😀



Past two nights were filled with joy and laughter.
On the first night, Choong Kai, Lumz and Bob made some nonsense video of them appearing to do a regular push up followed by a push with just their index fingers and ending off with a “no-hand” pushup after BM hahaha.

Later on Choong Kai, Leona, Bob, and I went for supper at Dhoby Rochor with Dylan since he had his Laselle course there.

We made a few more nonsense videos with the app “Dubsmash” which I must say, is a pretty cool app haha.

Basically, you can choose a song and overlay it on a video and you can “lip sync” over the lyrics and save the video. Love having fun and living life with these guys. Foreseeing us doing life together till we become old men haha.

For last night, played soccer with Nick, Jordan, Leona, Bah, Sean Chang, Tim Zhang, Yang, Jeremy, Bryce, Milo and Ryan before heading for supper. Still remember Secondary school days where we used to play Soccer at St. Wilfred field almost every week haha. Fun times, fun times. 🙂 Now, just a few years later, most of us are able to drive and are entering army soon hahha.


Listened to 2 sermons by Ps How over the past 2 days – The Potter and the clay & Make room for God.

My revelations from these 2 sermons are quite linked. Hence, Potter and the clay + Make room for God = Make room for the Potter haha.

Making room for more of Him in my life. Externally and internally..
Making room for miracles.

Hebrews 4:16
16 Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Job 23:8-10
8 “Look, I go forward, but He is not there,
And backward, but I cannot perceive Him;
9 When He works on the left hand, I cannot behold Him;
When He turns to the right hand, I cannot see Him.
10 But He knows the way that I take;
When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.

Entering boldly to the throne of grace, not standing by the entrance of heaven
Lord, mould me according to Your will
Lead me to victory, remove my impurities, bring me through the furnace, that I may come forth as gold

Here I am, Your hands and feet
Here I am, Your clay, your vessel


Presence -> Power

Revelation for the journey

Currently hanging out at Glenn’s house together with Choong Kai.

After a long day at work, their joy and hype brings such life to me. 😀


Lum Bin had a tough time explaining the answer to this “Math question” to us over supper earlier. To me, it feels more like a riddle haha. Apparently it’s going viral or something. The way the question is phrased seems funny and shallow at first but there’s some depth to it in actuality haha. Give it a go if you’re up for the challenge. 🙂

Was sent to Canopy Flyer at Jurassic Park Lost World today as a greeter. So basically, I spent the afternoon and evening standing at the greeter portal assisting guests. Now I appreciate doing shows which is my usual routine so much more than managing rides haha. Good thing was I had fun meeting and working with new people I guess!

Not sure why but I’m backtracking my day instead of going in chronological order haha.

Spent my morning doing something really exciting! Travelling!!

Haha, seriously though, it’s pretty exciting. Listened to the sermon “Revelation for the journey” by Ps Lia which she preached during the First Zone F service back in 2008. It is such a heartfelt message, filled with stories and anointing.

Ps Lia shared about their experience at Yoido full gospel where they celebrated Dr. Cho’s 50 years of ministry and how she was inspired due to the people serving for so many years and still staying on fire for Him.

In our walk there are high moments, there are low moments and there are the in-between dull moments.
We have to run from revelation to revelation, like how a marathon runner runs from water stop to water stop..

So inspired to keep going and going. Hoping that 50 years down the road, I’ll still be as passionate as ever.

Love starting the day with the Word. Pumps me up with so much faith to conquer the day and life in general. It’s an amazing feeling. 🙂

Moving from
Endurance & persistence -> Enlargement & possession

Heart Abandoned

Was introduced to a new song this weekend “Live with abandon” in services.
Really love the fresh sound and the meaningful lyrics. 🙂

“I wanna live with abandon
Give You all that I am
Every part of my heart Jesus
I place in Your hands”

Speaking of the heart, Daniel shared about “Paying attention to what’s important” today
& that includes our heart


Our hearts include our thoughts, motives, values, desires, decisions..
Our fears, our pain, our will.

Our hearts point us in all sorts of directions and rarely do we have the fortune of our hearts giving us one direction at a time. And often times, these directions are to places where we know we shouldn’t be in.

But our hearts also love passionately. When we fall in love with something, nothing can take it away. What we love is the most important thing in our lives. Our love can lead us on noble and selfless ventures.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of abandoning my heart is to forget about all the things my heart wants so it doesn’t get in the way of my relationship with God. Casting aside all distractions & paying attention to what truly matters.

Shining the spotlight on an audience of One.
Others, Heart, God

Guard my heart Lord


This year has been moving so fast..
Can’t believe almost 1/4 of the year has past already.

Decided to start jotting down my thoughts & feelings so that they won’t just fly by together with the year.

I’ve embarked upon a new phase of life, both in the spiritual and physical realm.
Internship has been fine so far. The working hours are long but the workload is manageable. What I dread most is spending over 3 hours travelling each day getting to and fro USS.. And of course, not being able to go for as many outings or spend as much time with Him as I want to.

Well, I’ve decided not to let the travelling time go to waste. Might as well do something productive! Which is why I’ve been listening to audio sermons whilst journeying. So far, I’ve listened to “Anointing of God” as well as “Ethos” by Ps Lia. I must say, it really takes me back to when I was a 13/14 y/o growing up and listening to such sermons.

However, looking towards the future more than reminiscing about the past. He has an amazing future planned! I think something really amazing and pretty cool is how the Word is still so relevant up till today and many times I feel so ministered as though I’m actually hearing Ps Lia live. Truly He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I’m reminded of the verse from Matthew 24:35
35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.

1) We use the church to build people, and not people to build the church
2) We are authentic and not plastic
We do life together, in the highs and lows
3) We are team players, and we are not stars

This is the environment, the Home that I’ve grown up in. And I am so so thankful and proud to have been given such a significant opportunity.

This is the path that I’ve chosen to walk. It is the path less travelled. It is a bumpy road, full of ups and downs, twists, turns and obstacles. It is long & it is narrow. And there are other simpler paths one can take, however, there is none more significant than this one.

Still making mistakes. Still learning how to live, love, laugh, lead. But I am accepted in this place, and I’m trying harder than ever. Thank You for walking with me.. 🙂

Building, building, building..
“Keep striking the ground” – Ps Lia
Words that are propelling me forward